Intervjui sa takmičarima BBICC-a

Belgrade Business International Case Competition 2013 (BBICC 2013) is the first global undergraduate business case competition and the first Southeastern Europe case competition held in Serbia. Belgrade is hosting 12 teams from all around the world.

Teams have arrived on 2nd of April. On Friday, 5th of April they got Case and their solutions are going to be presented on Sunday, 7th of April. Since their arrival they had few days free and organizers used those days to introduce Belgrade to them. They had an opportunity to see Belgrade during day and during night.

We asked them how did they like Belgrade, what are their impressions from kafana, rakija, what they like the most, what are their expectation from this competition. They shared their impressions of Belgrade, especially regarding its history and they told us about nightlife and how much fun they had during those few days.

Priscilla – UCLA


How do you like Belgrade?

We explored Belgrade through the “Amazing race”. Different teams went to different stops and completed a task. My team went to Railway station, Student’s park, the Fortress. We had to complete a task or solve a riddle – on the Railway station we had to read the Roman numerals and decide for what it meant. Other task was to name one Serbian scientist, drink and food, which was easy because our team was named by Serbian hamburger, pljeskavica, and coming up with the other two wasn’t that hard. We all met at the Fortress and took a bus sightseeing tour which showed us Belgrade from a different perspective, but I think I appreciated more being there on the ground.

What about nightlife?

Last night we went to a club, “Vanilla”, and it was the first time I’ve heard Serbian music. I actually really liked it because it incorporates different styles and different cultures, rhythms and melodies. All the hosts were shouting and singing along and I had no idea what they were saying, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

What do you expect from this competition?

BBICC group has definitely showed us a lot, whether it is the city or the nightlife, and I hope that the Case is going to be really interesting and that it will be another learning experience. Being in a place like Belgrade kind of adds the trickiness to the challenge, and our team is definitely up for it.

Wilbert – Nanyang University

Nanyang Singapore 

How do you like Belgrade?

This is my first time in Europe. Today we had this tour around Belgrade called “Amazing race” and I really loved it. Yesterday we went to kafana and I never had that kind of experience in Singapore. We tried rakija, people were dancing on the tables, and all in all it was amazing!

What do you expect from this competition?

I expect this competition to be as fun as it was by now, and it was definitely beyond any expectations. The organization of the competition has been very well done. We prepared for this competition for several months and we’ve been competing before, so I hope we will do well.

Rasmus – University of Copenhagen

Denmark Copenhagen UNI 

What do you think about Belgrade?

It was a bit cold and a bit foggy but that’s even better than it is in Denmark right now, that’s where I’m from. It was a great cultural experience; the “Amazing race” was a great way to get to see the city. We had to navigate ourselves using a map and ask the people on the streets, so the view point was really good.

What did you expect from the competition?

This time is no different than usual because we had really high expectations, and high expectations can be good when they live up to it. It looks like the organizational team put a lot of effort in this competition and they did such a good job.

Team University of Auckland

What do you expect from the competition?

We think the Case will be hard but that’s what we expected from it. We love challenges and we enjoy solving them, therefor we’re really looking forward to it. We’ve  done one International Case competition before on International University of Singapore and we thoroughly enjoyed it so that’s another reason why we’re looking forward to this one.

How do you like Belgrade?

Belgrade is beautiful and it has a lot of history which i really like, because Auckland, where I come from, is a young city so we lack in history but Belgrade is different. It has been such an amazing experience so far and I hope it will continue to be.

Isabel – Simon Fraser Univesity, Canada


What do you expect from this competition?

As of right now, competition is a lot of fun, because we aren’t doing any Cases yet, but when the Case starts, it will be more hard work and more challenges and I’m really looking forward to it because this is the first time that I’m competing.

What do you think about Belgrade?

I love Belgrade; it has an amazing nightlife and so much history. We went to kafana last night and we tried rakija and we liked it a lot. Besides that, we went to Novi Sad and we visited all of monasteries and the Fortress. All over the monasteries there were really old and beautiful paintings that amazed me ,and the city also has so much history. Vancouver is also very young and modern so it’s refreshing to see that much history somewhere. This is the first time that I’ve been in Europe and I really want to come back and visit all of you next year.

Alex – McGill University, Canada


Have you prepared for the competition?

We prepared for the competition back in Canada but we came here to do our best, to have fun and make new friends. This is my first International completion, we’ve done smaller ones in Canada but none of us ever did International one so this is the first time for everyone on the team. I love the diversity of nationalities because it’s fun for all of us to learn about all of these cultures and countries.

What about Belgrade?

I love Belgrade so far, it’s been nothing but fun. We went to kafana and especially enjoyed Serbian music because its fun and we love to fake knowing the words.


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