Final word

Comprehend my anger

Understand my pain

Appreciate my anguish

Only then shall I take the blame


For all the delusions my foremen oversaw

For every mistake made in the years before

My world won’t ever be the same

Won’t turn my eyes to mirrors no more

Because I am who I want to be

More than I understand and see


Same as you, I do not know what tomorrow holds

Regardless – my vision shall paint it’s colors bold

If my judgment is drenched with fear

Shall I ever find it dear?

A cold wave alarming prejudices not to stay,

Suggesting goodbye to passing pray


The beauty of black, white and red

Is present both in the dreams of the living, and the dead

Stream mixed with arid blood

Tears engraved in dried mud

Stain the once white walls of my mind

On this wet soil crimes are left behind


With every change and doubt

Feelings of joy I grow to miss

With every sunrise and nightfall

I’ve been beyond suffering and bliss

With every passing man and child

I’ve seen God’s revereless kiss.


Fading quietly in my words again

Dying gently in thoughts I contain

By tales of happiness I am not bound

Every existence, every sound

Only to memories will be shred

When we join the dead.

Rene Magritte - Memory, 1948, Surrealism
Rene Magritte – Memory, 1948, Surrealism


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